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BRIAN EBIE Executing and driving transformational change while continually delivering year over year results to support company strategic and financial objectives.  Brian Ebie is Vice President at Hamrick Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of end-of-line packaging machinery.  Hamrick case packers are found around the world in the beverage and food industry, chemical and petroleum industries, and many other applications.  In his role as VP, Brian Ebie works with a team of engineers, finance professionals, and the Vice President of Sales and Marketing to ensure the smooth flow of operations.  Under Brian Ebie's leadership, Hamrick has embarked in a new direction with outsourcing mass-production from our local machine shop to state-of-the-art laser cutting and prototyping, resulting in savings of over $100,000 annually.  Additionally, Brian has lowered inventory overhead costs by implementing lean purchasing and VMI strategies.  Brian Ebie is a respected colleague, thriving in fast-paced, demanding work environments.   In addition to his "day job" Brian provides pipe organ tuning, maintenance, repair, and restoration services to a number of churches in the Northeast Ohio area.  Brian Ebie Pipe Organ Service has been in business 25 years.  With his wife, Laura, he regularly performs solo organ recitals and organ/flute duet concerts at venues throughout the United States.  Check him out on the web at Brian Ebie Pipe Organ Service.    

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Golf, Gardening, Early American Clocks, Model A Fords, Hiking. Public speaking, Performing, folk music, mandolins, banjos, celtic music, fishing, kayaking